Hollars Sworn In As Circuit Judge

Published: Wed, 2009-07-15 01:00

Publisher: CookevilleTimes.com

Author: Ward Norris

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In a ceremony Wednesday afternoon, Governor Bredesen visited the Putnam County Courthouse on the square in Cookeville to swear in Amy V. Hollars as the new Circuit Judge to the Thirteenth Judicial District.

The ceremony was presided over by Judge John J. Maddux and had several speakers.

Other Judges who spoke included Leon C. Burns, Criminal Court presiding judge; David A. Patterson, Criminal Court Judge; Ronald Thurman, Chancellor; Vernon Neal, Retired Chancellor; and John A. Turnbull, Retired Circuit Court Judge (and father of Amy).

The different speeches included Judge Hollars' achievments, some humor, and from her father, Judge Turnbull, who seemed to be filled with pride, not only in Amy, but in all of his children, grandchildren, in-laws, and especially his wife.

Judge Hollars was selected through a judicial selection process at the state level, in which several qualified judges were considered.

She has been serving in an interim capacity for her father since late last year and will be on the ballot for election in 2010.

In her appointed capacity, Judge Hollars is the lone female presiding in the local precinct, which includes White, Putnam, and Overton counties.

Judge Hollars takes the bench at a time when women hold the majority, for the first time, on the Tennessee Supreme Court.

Tennessee joins Wisconsin and Michigan as the only states on which women dominate on a state supreme court, according to Equal Representation in Government and Democracy, which tracks gender balance in government.

In addition, the Tennessee Supreme Court's chief justice is a woman, the first in the state. Chief Justice Janice Holder of Memphis, chosen last fall by her colleagues for the position, is among 20 women chief justices in the country, according to Equal Representation.

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